Download Sheetmetal drawings pdf - Foldable Cardboard Box tutorial in Solidworks

Hi guys, as you all want blueprints and pdf of Sheetmetal Drawings, So this time i'm uploading my Foldable Carboard Box Sheet metal Project in solidworks and its blueprint in pdf too.
                             Along with i'm Sharing its tutorial with you.

 How to make this  Foldable cardboard Box in Solidworks sheetmetal. so i'm publishing the pdf here which is required to make it and also a video tutorial. But here i want to say sorry guys. i forgot to update the dimensions while uploading the video tutorial. so there is a slight difference between dimensions in video and dimensions in plan. but the dimensions in plan are accurate.

So here is the Video tutorial

To Download the Pdf plan Or Bluprint of Sheetmetal drawing- Foldable Cardboard Box tutorial in Solidworks.
  Click here and then click  green download button again in the page which will open next. Preferable Browser is Google Chrome.

  So here are the some nice images of this Box which i have rendered in Keyshot

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