How to design a spur gear in Solidworks

Here is the video tutorial and formula charts to be used in the video for making gear.

here global variable  “d” means pitch circle diameter and “t” means number of teeth and they both will be given for designing a spur gear. Other global variables are:-

m= module = d/t

c= clearance = b-a

a= addendum = m

b = dedendum= 1.25*m

phi = pressure angle= 20 (fixed value)

db = base diameter = d*cos(phi)

then draw a circle on sketch and give it dimension acc to formula = d=2*a

then extrude up to = d/6

after then again create a sketch on face and draw three circles and give dimension respectively acc to formula

circle = d
circle =d-2*b
circle = db
then draw a equation drive curve using these equations

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