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Innovative Design of Smart Water Bottle with automatic cap mechanism (3d printable) - A Major project in Mechanical engineering

 Note:- It's My Copyrighted Project licensed under ©️ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 IN) and all the images, Mechanism and the 3d model is the property of Mechanical Nib, any kind of editing, resharing on social media without giving credits, copying the theory, model etc. or any kind of commercial use is strictly prohibited.

It's basic dimensions are is 22.9 cm in length and has a maximum diameter of 8.4 cm. It is a Major project in my final year of engineering which was done by me (Er.Mayank Awathi). It's my copyrighted innovative design which was made by me with the help of CAD softwares. Its is 3d printable but may have some it was an undergraduate project.

                                                      So basically what it does!.. 

In this bottle you don’t need to open the cap for drinking. All you need is to be is in the posture of drinking then with the help of sensors it can detect you really want to drink the water, then it controls the servo motor for opening or closing the cap of the bottle. Cap will be opened as long as you are drinking water from it, after then it will close automatically. The cap will be opened if you want to pour water in a glass with a fixed speed, and after that it will close the cap, this function is also achieved by the sensors present in the bottle. But it is just in its prototype phase...Still it may have some errors. I didn't get it prototyped, as at that time costing was a concern...but i'm sure it will work.

How does it Work?!.......

It contains an Arduino Nano board, 9v battery, Servo Motor, Gyro+accelerator sensor Sensor and a circuit board for optimizing power supply. With the help of Gyro sensor it measures the rotation angle in a fixed axis (say XY plane assume the drinking water posture). so when the angle of the bottle exceeds that fixed angle, it sends signal to Arduino nano to run the servo motor in that fixed position to open and close the cap of the Bottle. Hence drinking water posture function has achieved.

                                                     Now accelerator meter measures the acceleration with gyro senor input. It combines the input of acceleration with gyro sensor and sends to Arduino nano to process the acceleration limit, if acceleration is much more than the fixed value it sends signal to not to open the cap even when the gyro input is for opening of cap. This will prevent the opening of the cap in free fall of Bottle or fall under the effect of gravity in operating condition.

             However it may have errors but it was a cool project overall as a major project in the final year of mechanical engineering.

Its Application:-   

It can be useful for the disabled persons or the persons who work under the condition of dirt..mud etc. say farmers, Mechanic etc. It will prevent the drinking water to get contaminated by manual operation of cap using dirty hands. By the angle of elegance and sci-fi ....It also looks good and attractable. 

Working Animation or Mechanism Video:-

Just Don't miss it ..its an amazing..super cool video of working animation.

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