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Sheet Metal Guitar by Mechanical Nib

 Design and Fabrication of Sheet Metal Guitar for patterning guitar textures on wall 

Hi! I'm Mayank from Mechanical Nib. It's the 2nd prototype of Mechanical Nib.

                                            It’s a Guitar shaped Sheet-Metal tool for making guitar pattern textures on wall. It is 5.7 inches in length, and 2.15 inches maximum in width. I’ve designed this guitar in a CAD software of Sheetmetal Module and then I've rendered the model in blender and then I exported the DXF format file to Cypcut laser cutting software, converted it in to LXD format file or then I manufactured it myself by CNC laser Cutting Machine by curtsey of the company in which I was working previously as Design Engineer.

It's our Copyrighted Project licensed under ©️ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 IN) and all the images and model is the property of Mechanical Nib, any kind of editing, resharing on social media without giving credits, copying model and any kind of commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Sheet Metal Guitar by Mechanical Nib

Literally in this project I got the chance to learn more about CNC Laser fabrication method as  I manufactured it by myself.  All you need to define parameters for cutting and marking layers carefully...and cutting speed was a major factor for the finishing edge of the part. Although as a beginner I couldn't manufacture it as i wanted to do. 

you can see some c shaped pins in above design is missing in the cutting speed was much faster and so it got burnt...and the sheet thickness was 0.6 mm. So selecting a optimum speed for cutting is the main game. Although the interface of the Cypcut laser cutting software was good for beginners... i just imported the dxf and gave the marking and cutting layers and grouped the whole geometry and after that i saved file as LXD. 

  Now what you need to do is to load LXD file in the machine and set the speed/pressure for cutting my case it was predefined in the standard profile..i just increased the speed...and that's why some c shaped sections got burnt. It barely took a minute. 

        Before start cutting just remove the shutter by operating remote control of the machine ..just press the button shutter will be done, then set the sheet area by manually dragging the machine head in XY plane by remote control keys...take the frame at that particular place by hitting the button frame in remote...and then hit button set origin...and start cutting and you will get your decent guitar sheet in a minute. 

Set origin button will help you to go back at the point where you started...or in case cutting is not done properly at some edges. 

so in this way you can manufacture your own guitar tool for patterning textures on wall. 

Now I'm sharing some snapshots of the screen.

Sheet Metal Guitar by Mechanical Nib

Sheet Metal Guitar by Mechanical Nib

I hope you will like the so, do tell me your suggestions and experiences in comments. Have a Nice Day Engineers! 

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 India License.

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