Grenade Keyring by Mechanical Nib

It's our Copyrighted Project and all the images and model is the property of Mechanical Nib, any kind of editing, resharing on social media without giving credits, copying model and any kind of commercial or personal use is strictly prohibited.

This is our grenade keyring project's prototype which is designed by Er. Mayank Awasthi in SolidWorks just for fun....well its tough durable grenade model to be used as keyring. It is made up of abs plastic. But it's still a prototype. We are looking for some investors who want to invest in our prototypes to get it in to the shape of a commercial product.

Here are some Pictures and details of our grenade keyring, It can be manufactured in various colours and materials too like plastics or Metals. We have its prototype made up of white ABS plastic manufactured by FDM 3d printing process. It has mass of 13.85 grams, and height of 5.94 cm. It has max diameter (grenade body) of 4.01 cm.
It is awesome ...I'm sharing its pictures and its drop test practical video from Youtube below...

If you want to contact us regarding our Grenade Keyring,...feel free to get in touch by our contact form embedded below on Home page. We would like to hear you.

Grenade Keyring by Mechanical Nib
Grenade Keyring by Mechanical Nib

Grenade Keyring in SolidWorks by Mechanical Nib

It's so cool, you can also watch its drop test practical video on our youtube channel

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