Our Specializations

3d Modelling

We are proficient in 3d modelling.

Engineering Simulations

We are skilled in Complex Engineering Simulations.


We are astonishing in rendering projects as it is a real world object.

Education and learning

We believe in "Education must be available and affordable to all"... that's why we are making free simualations videos of Mechanisms and on much more topics in Mechanical Engineering. If you want to learn something from us, we are open whole heartedly. Feel free to contact us.

Support or join us

It's a non profit website and we have a great passion for designing 3d CAD models or Simulations. If you wanna support or want to contribute in the work...contact us via email and our Contact form embeded below or by any one of our social media profiles provided here.

What we do?

Mechanical Nib is just a Non-profit website, We have a great passion for product designing, we do it just for Fun or for educational purposes. we are researching, developing unique 3d Cad model machines or devices, simulation videos of mechanisms etc, and new solutions in the field of Mechanical Engineering. You can free download our projects or 3d models for personal use only under copyright © (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 IN).

Steps in Our Works

How Do We Develop our Projects or Products?
  • 1. Idealisation or Concept

    1st Step of every process is to have an idea or concept and gathering information about it.

  • 2. Design and 3D Modelling

    After idealisation, we start modelling it in 3d while considering engineering concepts by CAD softwares, after overcoming all the difficulties in the step.

  • 3. Simulate or Test

    After 3d modelling, it is necessary to test or simulate the project.

  • 4. Rendering or Prototyping

    After passing and performing all the neccesary tests and simulations, we start rendering, prototyping (if Possible) and Publishing.

    Blog Posts.

    Our Latest Projects and Blog Posts.

    Meet The Founder and Collaborators

    What do our Collaboartors say about Mechanical Nib
    Er.Mayank Awasthi
    Mechanical Design Engineer and Founder

    Mechanical Design Engineer and Founder of Mechanical Nib, graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2019 from R.G.P.V University.

    Er.Edouard Agbor
    Our Collaborator, Founder of Design Genius Group

    I have been working with Mechanical nib and i must say..they are very skilled and passionate, especially when it comes to real-time simulations and devloping new projects or prototypes. It's a great blog follow Mechanical nib to learn more.

    Er.Donatus Zogho
    Our Collaborator, Mechanical Engineer

    I must confess that the proficiency of the team in 3D modelling and engineering simulations is outstanding. They also exhibit great passion and dedication towards their work in addition, they are always ready to give assistance.

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