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What is difference between 3d modelling, CAD modelling or Product Design?

Good morning, Engineers 
                                That's a most burning question which comes in mind of most of the diploma holders, engineering graduates and hobbyists.  Is really a B.Tech degree required for the job of 3d modelling? before knowing  the answer of this question, first we need to understand the difference between 3d modelling, Computer Aided Design and Product Design. It is really necessary to know the difference between these terms only then you will be able to understand the answer of the above question.

What is CAD ?

CAD  stands for computer aided design, CAD is used to design a object in 3d, In general its's a word more close to engineering. In CAD software a 3d object is made by creating a 2D schematics or sketch or using blueprint to design a object in 3d by using specific commands to convert that sketch in 3d and then on by adding commands on commands...CAD models are generally used for manufacturing purposes in the industry and moreover CAD models can be easily manipulated or edited by changing the 2D sketch or blueprints...the whole CAD model will be regenerated as it is parametric. CAD softwares are used by Design Engineers mostly. Some famous CAD softwares are Solidworks, Creo, CATIA etc. 

What is 3D Modelling ?

The word 3d modelling refers to the process of  making any object in 3D. It may or may not be used for manufacturing purposes...but in general 3d modelling is used for animation, multi-media graphics and making 3d characters for video games etc. Mostly 3d models are not manufacturable as it is a surface modelling...but it can be converted to manufacturable models though by working further.

                              The main diff btw the CAD and 3D modelling softwares is the way they create 3d objects. In CAD softwares you need a basic 2D sketch or blueprint then on it is converted in to 3d by using specific operations and it is a parametric process too. But in case of 3d modelling software a 3d model is prepared by direct editing of 3d shapes, nodes etc. It is a more similar process to clay modelling in physical world as a artist make statues. Some famous 3d modelling softwares are Blender, Autodesk Maya etc.

What is Product Design ?

A Product Design is a process the way a product is engineered, it involves innovation of a new product or thing and editing of a pre existing product or thing to improve its features and functionality. It involves CAD modelling as a part of it, but the CAD model it uses is perfectly manufacturable and error free too. To Design a product in CAD softwares you need to apply the concepts and principles of engineering, as every step in CAD modelling is put up by keeping the concepts of engineering in mind and the functionality the product (which is being designed) going to have.  It starts from having an idea and then checking its feasibility and costing parameters, CAD modelling and then by  testing CAE or Finite element analsysis softwares like Ansys, Abacus, Ls Dyna etc. and then after desired results in CAE softwares and then it is prototyped...physical tests are performed to ensure safety of the product and after checking several factors and parameters it is launched in the market to be commercially available.

So now you have understand the above terms and let's come to the point.  

Is really a B.Tech degree required for the job of 3d modelling? and the clear answer is......For Product designing you need to be a Engineer but for 3d modelling you don't need to be a engineer. Anyone can use 3d modelling softwares after a bit of training.

I hope I could have solved your doubt and don't forget to share your views in comments .  


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